What is Obesity the disease?


Watch our documentary series for a clear and powerful explanation. Let's Talk About Obesity will resonate with anyone who is obese. In Let's Talk About Surgery, we follow three patients on their surgical weight loss journey. Then in Life After Surgery, see how those patients greet the changes to their lifestyle and bodies. Simply REGISTER and you will immediately receive a password. We have [...]

Liver resection: feasible and safe on the Mid North Coast.


Elective hepatic resection is feasible and safe in a regional centre Andrew D. Gray,*† George Petrou,*‡ Pratik Rastogi* and Stephen Begbie§ *Department of General Surgery, Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia †Department of General Surgery, John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia ‡Department of General Surgery, Port Macquarie Private Hospital, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia and §Mid North [...]

How fat can destroy your liver.

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By Paula Goodyer How do you get people to care about a disease with no symptoms? That's the challenge for doctors worried about the silent march of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which, at its nastiest, can lead to liver cancer and liver failure – often with little warning. Your liver's worst enemies used to be too many drinks or infection by hepatitis B or C. Now [...]

Type 2 diabetes: weight-loss surgery should be a standard treatment, experts say


Watch the video at: By Kate Auberson Weight-loss surgery should be a standard treatment for people with type 2 diabetes, a coalition of international experts have announced in a radical departure from the conventional approach to tackling the chronic disease pandemic. The guidelines, published on Wednesday and hailed as the biggest change to the treatment of the disease in almost a century, could [...]

Bariatric surgery is superior to lifestyle intervention alone


By Owen Haskins Bariatric surgery is superior to lifestyle intervention alone for the remission of T2DM in obese individuals including those with a BMI30-35 after three years, according to the results of a clinical trial and paper, ‘Three-Year Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery vs Lifestyle Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treatment: A Randomized Clinical Trial, published in JAMA Surgery. Although the authors acknowledge that the [...]

Start a Mass Treatment of Bariatric Surgery


By Owen Haskins (photograph featuring Professor Michel Gagner) Bariatric or metabolic surgery should be performed as a mass treatment as a means of treating millions of patients with diabetes and other metabolic disease, according to eminent bariatric surgeon, Professor Michel Gagner, Professor of surgery, Herbert Wertheim School of Medicine, FIU Senior consultant, Hôpital du Sacre Coeur, Montreal. In a clinical editorial entitled, ‘Bariatric Surgery vs [...]

Surgeon hails benefits of mini bypass procedure


Pete Myall, Online Editor, Bariatric News Contrary to common misconceptions, the mini gastric bypass is a “simple, safe and effective” alternative to the more common Roux-en-Y technique, according to a surgeon presenting his initial experience with the operation. Speaking at January’s British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, Mr Michael Van den Bossche, of Spire Southampton Hospital, said that the operation [...]

Obesity poised to overtake smoking as key cause of cancer


A middle-aged cancer epidemic is being blamed on Britain’s poor diet and overly generous portions. (Take note Australians!). Leading specialists convened on Friday to issue a stark warning that obesity will soon overtake smoking as the principal cause of cancer. Doctors said Westerners had replaced one bad habit with another, with too many people eating their way towards an early death. They said spiralling [...]

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