Are You a Candidate?

/Are You a Candidate?

Are You a Candidate?

You could be a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery if:

  • you have a BMI over 40 or greater than 35 with a obesity related disease such as Diabetes, osteo arthritis (joint pain), sleep apnea or cardiovascular disease (to name a few of the standout secondary complications).
  • you have tried many other weight loss techniques which have ultimately been unsuccessful despite your commitment.
  • you are at least 18, although we prefer not to treat elderly patients due to health risk factors,
  • you understand the risks involved particularly if you fail to follow with post surgical lifestyle changes
  • you understand the commitment required to adjust your lifestyle prior to and after your surgery
  • you preferably are not anticipating pregnancy in the 24 months following surgery

Your suitability as a candidate will of course be discussed in your first personal consultation with Dr Petrou.