Are You a Candidate?


You could be a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery if:

  • You have a BMI greater than 35 with an obesity related disease such as Type 2 Diabetes, osteo arthritis (joint pain), sleep apnoea or cardiovascular disease among other conditions. Some patients with a BMI of 30 plus can be considered if they have a comorbidity such as Diabetes Type 2, (a diagnosed metabolic syndrome), high blood pressure, mobility issues, cardiac disease and/or a history of high BMI with large waist circumference.  This can be carefully assessed by your own GP, a treating Specialist and Dr George Petrou, Surgeon.
  • You have tried many other weight loss techniques which have ultimately been unsuccessful despite your commitment.
  • You understand the risks involved, particularly if you fail to follow with post-surgical lifestyle changes.
  • You understand the serious commitment required to adjust your lifestyle prior to and after your surgery including healthier eating habits and exercise routines for life.
  • Your mental health is currently well managed and you have the full support of your General Practitioner or Specialist.
  • You are prepared to work with our team and our multidisciplinary network to ensure the best health outcome and procedure for you. This will means lots of education along the way and receiving our care for life.
  • You are willing to participate with our in-house support initiatives.
  • You preferably are not anticipating pregnancy in the 24 months following surgery.

Your suitability as a candidate will, of course, be discussed in your first personal consultation with Dr Petrou.