How to get started


You're interested in bariatric surgery, where to from here?

  • Register to watch our educational patient videos in our video blog which you will register for on the Home Page. You will receive a password to use anytime. After this registration, you will receive an email to answer many of your immediate questions.
  • Use the 'Live Chat' on this site right now, where you will speak to a member of our team, not a robot.
  • Contact Annette or Jill in our rooms if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment on (02)6584 3268.
  • You will need a referral to see Dr George Petrou from a GP or specialist treating Physician.
  • Once we have received some details about yourself, we can then work out a pathway to surgery. This is dependant on your current and previous medical history.

ALL patients receive prior to any surgery:

  • An excellent bariatric nutrition book 'Nutrition for Weightloss Surgery' valued at rrp $45
  • A dietary resource booklet and a shopping guide.
  • Optifast, Optislim premium, Formulite and/or The Good Shake samples vitamin and protein water samples.
  • Friendly assistance from the first point of contact - every time.
  • Help with booking healthcare professional appointments with our multidisciplinary network such as sleep physicians or dietitians or specialist anaesthetist. You can have counselling too if you are finding you reach for food to cope with life's stresses.
  • Assistance navigating the financials - simple and sensible is our motto. We are not a bank or a financial adviser, although we assist you greatly with filling out paperwork and give you ideas of how things work and when to pay what.

You will also be offered:

  • A patient care program where you can speak to another patient and become support buddies.
  • A free private online support group on Facebook specifically for Dr Petrou's patients. Look up Port Lapsurgery Bariatric Support Group.
  • Our lifetime aftercare. This is a personal and specialist approach to health. This equates to better outcomes for our patients who are all people to us, not numbers. You will receive Dr George Petrou's experience and management of your health.
  • Access to our team. Keep Louise's card close, we will be all yours to call, even on weekends!