Laparoscopic Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Colorectal cancer is the second most common malignancy in Australia and the second most common cause of death from cancer. One of the most controversial issues in minimally invasive surgery has been the implementation of laparoscopic techniques for resection of curable colorectal malignancies. Initial concerns included the potential violation of oncologic principles, the effects of carbon dioxide insufflation, and the phenomenon of port site tumor recurrence.

Basic science research and large randomized controlled trials are now demonstrating that these fears were unjustified. The laparoscopic approach, however, involves a steep learning curve and requires the surgeon and ancillary operating room staff to have advanced skills in laparoscopy.

Dr George Petrou FRACS, is an active member of the Society of Upper Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) and the North Coast Cancer Institute (NCCI). With a vast experience in advanced gastrointestinal laparoscopic surgery, he performs laparoscopic restorative colectomy and restorative anterior resection for colorectal cancer at the Port Macquarie Private Hospital and Port Macquarie Base Hospital.

Dr George Petrou FRACS, is an experienced laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgeon with a keen interest in the surgical management of both metastatic and recurrent colorectal cancer in the liver and abdominal cavity.

Referred patients are discussed locally at the NCCI Multidisciplinary Cancer Meeting, which includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologist, surgeons and specialist nurse practitioners. State of the art cancer investigation and management is therefore tailored for the patient and delivered locally in Port Macquarie avoiding the need to travel vast distances.