What is involved in a hernia repair procedure?

The procedure is performed as a day surgical case in hospital. A general anaesthetic is required to relax the rectus abdominus muscle. A small incision is made under the umbilicus and a 12mm port inserted in the pre-peritoneal space. The space is then filled with CO2 and two 5mm working ports inserted along the midline. A wide dissection of the pre-peritoneal space is performed under video assistance so as to position a large prosthetic mesh. Both sides can be repaired at the same time through the same small incisions.
After surgery patients can eat, drink and mobilize immediately. They can go home the same day even if a bilateral inguinal hernia was performed. Simple analgesics for pain relief are all that is required. Sometimes groin swelling can occur but tight briefs usually sort this out. Dressings can be removed in 5 days and there are no sutures to worry about. Return to work and normal physical activity is patient dependent, although we usually recommend light activity for the first week. After this time it is safe to proceed with most sporting and work activities. Learn more in our hernia section where you can view our short educational video.