Hernia Repair

A hernia is a defect in the abdominal wall. The abdominal wall consists of layers of connective tissue, muscle and fat. When there is a defect, in the abdominal wall, organs inside the abdominal cavity protrude through it. This is what causes the unsightly bulge, discomfort and pain with activity. The cause of hernias is multifactorial, which means they are due to a variety of reasons, which include tissue strength, age, obesity and previous surgery. All hernias increase in size with time and become a real nuisance as they inhibit the person’s ability to work and play. In some people, the hernia contents can become stuck in the defect. This is an extremely painful and dangerous condition called strangulation which needs emergency surgery. Unfortunately the results of emergency surgery are not as good as when it is completed electively for this condition.

Dr Petrou provides a minimally invasive approach using endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical techniques for the treatment of groin hernias and large abdominal wall hernias (ventral and incisional). The benefits of laparoscopic surgery are far less post operative pain and faster recovery to normal activity. There is also clear evidence proving a laparoscopic repair to be far superior in the treatment of recurrent and bilateral (both sides) groin hernias. Evidence is now emerging, that the use of laparoscopic surgery and light weight meshes, results in far less chronic pain which is a significant long-term complaint after any hernia operation.

Dr Petrou provides total endoscopic groin hernia repair via small incision, as a day surgical procedure at the Port Macquarie Private Hospital and the Kempsey Hospital.