Did you know?

With Louise Petrou CBC

Did you know non-human primates can suffer from a groin hernia? Groin (or inguinal hernia) are apparently relatively common in male non-human primates. Careful monitoring is the standard treatment for those animals. Thankfully we humans have the option of day surgery. Right here in Port Macquarie. Do you have pain or discomfort in the groin area? Have you been diagnosed with a groin or inguinal hernia? We offer appointments so you can consult with Dr Petrou without having to wait months. The initial consultation means that you will gain a good understanding of your treatment options. Pain and discomfort begone…back to work and normal activities will you go! Call us today (02) 65 84 3268 and we will give you a very quick timeline for your treatment.

Reduced acute & chronic pain

Day surgery

Early return to work and lifestyle

Low rate of recurrence

Cost effective for patients

What are you waiting for?

(Ref: Inguinal Hernia in Nonhuman Primates: From Asymptomatic to Life-Threatening Events
Melissa A de la Garza et al. Vet Sci. 2022).