A new healthy service for our area.

Bariatric Grocery Shopping Tours

Obesity is a complex, chronic disease, with many causes and subtypes. Bariatric surgery is the most effective long-term treatment for obesity. The World Health Organisation agrees.

“The best outcomes are realized with additional education and support,” says Dr George Petrou, Bariatric Surgeon at Mid North Coast Bariatric and Hernia Centre.

“Our team felt there was room to assist patients with the lifestyle changes they undergo,” says Louise Petrou, Bariatric Assistant to Dr Petrou, “We have teamed up with Clinical Nutritionist Amanda Fletcher and Ritchie’s IGA in Port Central to create an exciting educational event – a grocery store shopping tour specific to Bariatric surgery patients.”

“We want to empower people to shop with confidence and assist them to explore new recipes. Ritchie’s IGA Port Central have a brand new healthy food section and they are also offering a healthy food starter kit on the day to each attendee”, Amanda Fletcher, Clinical Nutritionist says, “The tours will be held on a Tuesday so we can pop outside to the Real Food Market and see the array of fresh local produce on offer as well”.

The tour will last around one hour. Amanda will walk through the aisles with a small group and point out various items that will work in harmony with their post-op bariatric surgery lifestyle. “Many people work so we are making the events over lunch time” says Amanda, “The group can grab some tasty samples at the Real Food Market and hopefully make a few friends as well”.

The first event will be held in March 2018. Bookings for these events are essential. $55 per person with discounts for pensioners and students. Contact Jill or Annette on (02) 65 84 3268 or email Annette@portlapsurgery.com.au for more information.